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  • On site still photography coverage of events, documentary, projects.
  • Images shot in RAW, predominantly landscape orientation unless otherwise specified.
  • Options - 1 or more photographers per shoot.


  • See Post-Production below


  • Final edits approx. 3 days after shoot.
  • We can however do a first immediate batch edited of around 20-30 images if required.


  • On site filming video coverage of events, documentary, projects.
  • Gear - Camera & Audio Only) *Does Not include Lighting, Drones, Gimbals etc
  • Options - 1 or more videographers (audio in-camera), or Technical Crew of Camera Assistant, Sound Recorder etc, as needed.

Post-Production: See Post-Production below



  • Footage uploaded to 2TB external hard drive (client cost $120) and delivered via courier to local office/personnel or internationally to client office overseas (courier fees vary).

Post-production editing available for stills and video, as part of full package with on-location or as a service on its own.

Stills Post-Production:

  • For every 1-day shoot, approximately 100 final edited images
  • Images will be jpg format, 300 dpi, highest pixel dimensions
  • Final image size 8-12mb, unless otherwise specified

Video Post-production:

  • Video footage can be delivered RAW as video clips or with general footage editing which includes the following amongst other things:
    • Footage logging (select useful, discard useless)
    • Video assembly (First Cut to Final Cut)
    • Audio syncing (align with audio)
    • Color Matching (Give video unicorn look)
    • Rendering (Export and packaging)
  • Additional Specifics - Screen Design Motion Graphics (Lower thirds, Titling)
  • Music – sourced from free or can be supplied by client.

Translation and time-coding of local languages for video or other productions.

  • Done during video post-production phase.
  • GG Images has translated French, Spanish, Kiswahili, Kikuyu, Luo, Kiluya, Hausa. We have a wide network and will work to source translation for any language needed.

Delivery: Time-coding document/s uploaded to client-personalized Dropbox folder, unless otherwise requested.

GG Images has a network of consultants on the ground across Africa with local knowledge and local language with media and communications experience able to research locations, source sites and people for shoots.

GG Images can handle a limited number of logistic services to assist you in completing your media project

  • Booking flights and accommodation for GG Images media consultants
  • Handle visa requirements if needed
  • Organize transport in low risk locations
  • Arrange for local models if needed

GG Images offers basic and intermediate level photography workshops, specifically for in-house corporate clients.

GG Images has a selection of unique stunning prints signed by Georgina Goodwin taken throughout her 15-year career available as high quality prints. Unframed.

GG Images has a wide variety of archive images available for license as stock images.

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