Create what you can… When you can.

1 year ago

3 perfectly aligned acacias on the horizon, backlit with fire-orange sky fringed with blue. A simple and perfect frame. 

I used to be a photographer that sought out the ‘hard stuff’, I took it as my duty to find under-reported stories and share what I found, to bring awareness, to shed light on issues I felt were important, for 15 years. Now life for me is very different. I’ve chosen to have a family, and all the joy that comes with being a wife and a mother. It’s not easy at all balancing a career in photography with family life, at times impossible. It’s a slow process learning how to balance being mother and photographer, one thing I am learning is to accept what is possible, and create what I can when I can. Coming back to images of beauty and peace is one of those things that is possible, and for which I’m grateful. 

If ever you struggle with balance, take your time and find what is possible for you, and create from there. 

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