Live Your Nature

2 years ago

On the eve of not knowing whether our planet will have a protector or destroyer as leader of the so called ‘free world’, we all can make one important decision for ourselves no matter who governs us.
Our connection, our ability to touch and feel nature is what heals us. ‘Urbanization’, ‘mechanization’ in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘development’, have moved us away from nature, we have taken away this opportunity from ourselves. Without nature we forget how to connect, and how important it actually is. Nature can become something we don’t think we need. In fact nature is everything.
Understanding that we need nature means we will keep it and protect it. The more we all do this the more nature will be protected, no matter who governs us.

Find and live a piece of nature everyday, for your sake and for the planets sake.
#LiveYourNature 🌿

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