Powerful Composition

3 years ago

This week as a Canon Academy Trainer I’m teaching a Storytelling Workshop for Ugandan Photographers in collaboration with UPPA 
One of the key things in creating a visually compelling strong story is to create strong images. Here’s where some of those composition techniques come in handy!

Photo 1: Keep it simple – shallow depth of field, single focus
Photo 2: Filling the frame – interesting abstract
Photo 3: Rule of Thirds – placing your subjects off-center yields a stronger, more natural-looking composition and allows you to make creative use of negative space.
Photo 4: Leading lines and shadows – use these to lead the eye, create interest
Photo 5: Framing – using framing elements to lead the eye
Photo 6: Symmetry and Balancing Elements – symmetry is eye-pleasing vs. off-centre focus with a balancing element
Photo 7: Colour and contrast – using colour pop, using contrast to make things stand out.
Photo 8: Depth and Layers – foreground, middle, background

•Why do you think it’s important to use these composition techniques in our photography?

Our eyes enjoy and respond better to good composition so by using these techniques we can make our PHOTOS STRONGER.

The more you can get it right ‘in-camera’ ie. when you press the shutter….

….the better a photographer and storyteller you will be (and the less time in post!)