Precious Moments

2 years ago

Such precious moments. Every night before bedtime Teyah and I sit together on the bed in her room to have a last nurse, but this night I want to remember forever, the night of her 1st birthday. Her room is quiet and dark, and of course her butterflies, it’s been a place of peace and solace during a challenging year, her first in this world. She has no concept of ‘pandemic’ and the global disruption, only of a seamless time at home with 2 people who love her more then life itself. When I signed up for mamahood I honestly had no idea it could ever be this amazing. In fact it’s been more, especially during these challenging times. Her delight in the small things, experiencing all for the first time brings so much joy even on the lowest of days.

💕🦋Happy 1st birthday my little Teyah, thank you for making my life even more extraordinary🦋💕

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