Tuesday Tip

1 year ago

#TuesdayTip: Topi antelope silhouetted on the horizon with storm clouds brewing above in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

This is a great image that showcases a few composition, light and perspective tips:

•Off-setting the subject from the frame centre makes a more interesting frame, and creates a sense of depth and interaction with the rest of your image.
•For landscape shots the ‘Rule of Thirds’ is useful for positioning your horizon and features that you want to stand out.
•For great silhouettes, you want the sun low in the sky behind what you’re shooting. For this image I lay flat on the ground to make sure the silhouettes were full (not cut halfway up the legs). Lying low also helps make your subjects more imposing 🙂

I shot this with Canon 5d MarkII with Canon lens 70-200mm at focal length 200mm, shutter speed 1/400, aperture f/9, metering: spot.

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