World Diabetes Day ~ 14th Nov 2020

4 years ago

As a Canon Trainer I am asked to share a few stories each month on the Canon Academy community Facebook page. Today November 14th I am sharing a story for World Diabetes Day🤎

Did you know that Diabetes is a global pandemic affecting over 463 million adults worldwide?

China has 116 million people, and by 2045 India will have 134 million people with diabetes. In Kenya an estimated 460,000 people are living with diabetes, 40% don’t even know they have it. Like other developing countries, Kenya is experiencing this emerging diabetes epidemic, over 1.3 million are projected to have Diabetes within a generation.

Why November 14th? It marks the birthday of the man who discovered insulin, Frederick Banting (tog with Charles Best).  

What is Insulin? It’s a hormone made by the pancreas that helps glucose from food get into your cells for energy. Sometimes your body doesn’t make enough—or any—or it doesn’t use it well. Glucose then stays in your blood and doesn’t reach your cells. When your blood glucose (your blood sugar) is too high you have Diabetes, over time causing health issues like heart disease, kidney disease, eye and dentals issues, nerve and foot damage.

According to the Kenya Medical Board, there are about 7,000 actively practicing health professionals in Kenya, but only 12 are endocrinologists who specialise in diabetes management. A nationwide Diabetes training program was rolled out in June 2019 to train 2000 General Practitioners in diabetes management.

I shot this story on Canon EOS 5D mark III with Canon EF 24-105mm lens for Lions Club International who not only have an incredible hospital diabetes care centre in Nairobi but carry out health care days in Nairobi’s low-income settlements such as Kibera.