World Female Ranger Day!!

11 months ago

Today 23 June is the world’s first WORLD FEMALE RANGER DAY!! 

Did You Know: Currently, less than 11% of the global wildlife ranger workforce is female?

Women being natural communicators and protectors, female rangers are amazing at strengthening relationships within the workplace and communities, and tuning into their nurturing nature to protect wildlife.

Founded by How Many Elephants, World Female Ranger Day celebrates and supports female anti-poaching rangers in building a long-lasting, meaningful career in conservation, this year with a spotlight on Africa.

I’m super happy to be working with an amazing team of 10 female rangers in Olderkesi Conservancy – the only team of 10 women rangers in the Greater Mara area!
Through their patrols, snare sweeps, dedication and skill, the female rangers are not only protecting wild animals and putting a stop to poaching, but paving the way for women to stand alongside men at the forefront of conservation.

In support of @worldfemalerangerday today Wednesday 23 June Cottars Wildlife Conservation Trust is fundraising for female anti-poaching rangers –

PLEASE JOIN ME to help reach their goal of raising GBP5000 to support their team of female rangers!
Copy and paste this link into your browser –

Shining a light on female wildlife rangers!!

For MUCH MORE on this important day please visit:

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