World Lion Day 2021

11 months ago

We sat with this limping lioness and her almost grown cubs all afternoon (photos 1-3). The Olderkesi Rangers called the @KenyaWildlifeService vet who arrived after we left late evening. He darted the lioness and with his team and the Olderkesi Rangers checked her to find a severe sprain which he has treated (photos 4-6 + video clips). The vet also found the lioness is pregnant – a big relief we managed to get to her and help her!

#DidYouKnow Lion population has decreased 43% in 21 years and are regionally extinct in 15 african countries?

There are as few as 23,000 left today due to habitat loss from expanding human populations and growth of agriculture, settlements, and roads. As lion habitats shrink, they are forced closer to humans. Ongoing decline in their natural prey (antelope/wildlife) means they more often attack livestock. In turn, farmers retaliate and kill these big majestic cats.

Today on World Lion Day today August 10, I want to highlight and celebrate the critical work the Mara Predator Project do who work with @kenyawildlifeservice bringing community awareness, research and conservation efforts for lions here in the Masai Mara’s ecosystem…. Check them out !! 👉

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