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Cricket Warrior Eunice Malawua Ng'ais, aged 20. Eunice calls herself a medium-paced bowler and likes to open the batting. The Maasai Cricket Warriors are Maasai youth from Laikipia in Kenya who have dropped their spears for cricket bats. Through cricket development within rural Maasailand their aim is to empower youth by tackling social problems to bring about positive change. The team has been operational since 2009 and use the platform to campaign for social change and women’s rights, demanding an end to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), a common practise in Maasai and Samburu culture. Eunice is the only girl in her family to not have been circumcised. "My brothers stood up for me against my parents and my sisters are very proud of me".
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Topi antelope silhouetted on the horizon with storms clouds brewing above in Kenya’s Masai Mara, January 2010. Photo ©Georgina Goodwin
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People watch the streets from their balconies from a high rise apartment in Nairobi's sprawling Mathare slum. October 26, 2017. Mathare is one of Nairobi's oldest slums, the first residents started arriving here in the 1920s. Now there are around 200,000 in Mathare’s 13 villages (according to a 2012 study) living in shacks densely built along winding and narrow unpaved alleys with little open space. Roads are used for drainage and trash, its now the rainy season and the pathways have become thick with mud and waste. Crime is a real and constant threat, especially after dark, making women and girls particularly vulnerable. ©Georgina Goodwin/AFP Photo/Getty Images
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