Tanzania’s Refugee Children

Nowhere have more people been forced to flee than in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Over 1.9 million people so far have fled their homes since January 2017 because of insecurity, an average of over 5,500 people per day bringing the total number of people displaced to over 4 million.  It is a mega-crisis. The scale of people fleeing violence is outpacing Syria, Yemen and Iraq according to the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). Today, Congo is the second lowest funded of the world’s biggest crises. Less than half of the US$812 million needed to help 8.5 million people has been received so far due to donor fatigue, geopolitical disinterest and competing crises which have pushed Congo far down the list of priorities for the international community. Failing to step up now could result in mass hunger and many people could die. We are in a race against time. This photo series was taken on assignment in western Tanzania’s Nyarugusu Refugee Camp to highlight the issues refugees are currently experiencing in the face of this funding crisis, and those who suffer most are the children.

Tanzania’s Refugee Children is a Finalist Series for Siena Photo Awards 2018.

Photos taken on long term assignment with UN Refugee Agency UNHCR to highlight the ongoing refugee crisis in Africa’s Horn and Great Lakes regions.