Wildlife Wars

The Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) in Tanzania work as anti-poaching teams as they carry out their jobs in the war between people and wildlife. Increased human populations have caused marked increased pressures on resources outside the areas allocated for wildlife, but as those get used up protecting wildlife and their land is becoming ever more difficult. Encroachment by people and their cattle onto wildlife land, snaring of thousands of game for the bush meat trade, fish poaching in the wetland protected areas, and ivory poaching. There is no rhino poaching because all the rhinos have been slaughtered. The FCF anti-poaching teams have 3.8million hectares to protect and despite reliable funds it will never be enough to keep ahead of those that wish to destroy what is left of our global heritage. 

This photo series was selected as WORLD PRESS and African Photojournalism Database FOUR TO FOLLOW #7.