Georgina has spent the past 15 years building a portfolio of work that spans various genres of photography and more than 20 countries in Africa and around the world. Her images bring light to social issues, women and environmental issues that otherwise may have no exposure, such as refugees, fistula, wildlife conservation and climate change. Below is a selection of images that represents this portfolio of work.

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Below is a selection of work from some of Georgina Goodwin Images consultant photographers, videographers and copywriters. These professionals have been handpicked by Georgina herself to ensure the highest quality product is delivered, in the same style and with the same attention to detail as Georgina herself.

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  • Tobin
  • Joe
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  • Ashleigh

Roshni is a photographer for people culture and conservation.

Sumy is a freelance journalist and photographer originally currently based in Kampala, Uganda covering the East Africa region. She is fluent in spoken and written English, Spanish and French. Her work is primarily focused on international current affairs, human rights, gender issues, conflicts and social issues.

Patrick is a self-taught creative born and raised in Kenya. His stories explore the intersection between creativity and empathy. The subjects in his stories always appear to be in pursuit of something, a natural reaction that stems from their fascination about their reality and identity as it pertains to the environment they live in.

Kevin is an Independent Documentary Photographer based in Nairobi Kenya with frequent assignments in East Africa. Kevin is keen on covering themes around social issues specifically telling nuanced stories of marginalized communities in East Africa. His mission is to tell a different story about Africa that shows the diversity of life, society, culture and community than the traditional perspective of poverty and political chaos that the world is used to seeing. His most notable achievements include being a Foundry Photojournalism Fellow and a World Press Photo Master-class alumnus.


Grainne is a multimedia freelance journalist based in Uganda and working across East Africa. She works in TV, radio and print/online. Prior to working in Africa, she was a news producer and reporter for BBC World News in London, a Europe Producer for BBC News in Paris and Brussels, and a news and current affairs presenter and reporter for Radio France Internationale in Paris. She films and edits her own reports and works in English and French.


How Nurses and Cheap Morphine Made Uganda a Model for Palliative Care



How Nurses and Cheap Morphine Made Uganda a Model for Palliative Care


Bryan is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He documents the everyday realities of ordinary life through his photo projects. His passion and commitment lie in capturing the stories of the vibrant communities  and attempting to look beyond the chaotic appearance of his hometown and depict a broader spectrum of life from socio-economic, cultural, political and environmental perspectives.

Born in Botswana to English and American parents, Tobin has spent the majority of his life living on the African continent, first in Botswana and Malawi, and then later in Kenya and Somalia. After graduating from university, Tobin returned to Africa with a job in Somalia working with the United Nations and African Union to photograph the country’s emergence from over two decades of civil war and its continued struggle with extremism. Today Tobin lives in Nairobi, where he continues to work as a photographer throughout the region.

Joe a freelance cameraman, producer, and editor in a busy international news team with Associated Press’ Nairobi Bureau. He has worked with some of the world’s top international charity and environmental groups such as ICRC, UNICEF, UNDP, IFAW, UNEA, DFID, WFP, PLAN International and MSF in delivering in-house productions. He has travelled extensively covering live conflict and relief efforts by charity organizations in major news events in Africa.

“I believe in the power of a good story and its ability to impact society.” JJ is a writer, director and videographer passionate about telling African stories. Over the past 4 years, he has worked alongside various development organizations helping them share their stories of impact with the world.

Ashleigh is a broadcast and video journalist, producer, director, fixer, researcher, writer and photographer. She is versatile and skilled in research and writing, interviewing and filming in the field and developing content for editorial and commercial outcomes.